Our surgeons are recognised nationally and internationally for their excellence in shoulder treatment and surgery. Our surgeons use an array of innovative and evidence-based treatment options for shoulder injuries.

We treat a variety of disorders including athletic injuries, overuse syndromes, degenerative and traumatic lesions, and arthritis. Our approach combines specific areas of expertise with multi-disciplinary treatment in order to facilitate patient outcomes and improve the lives of patients experiencing difficult shoulder problems.

The centre offers a wide range of expertise and treatment options. We specialise in both open and arthroscopic surgery. The most common types of surgery performed are rotator cuff repair, stability procedures, fracture care and arthroplasty.

    Common Diagnoses

    • Rotator Cuff Tears
    • Instability
    • Arthritis
    • Sports Related Injuries
    • Trauma/Fractures
    • Labral Lesions
    • Overuse Syndromes

    Your Surgeons