The BOSMC Orthopaedic Fellowship is an Australian Orthopaedic Association approved program providing doctors with advanced training in Sports Orthopaedics.

This Fellowship has been in place since 1992 and provides an opportunity for Orthopaedic Surgeons with specialist qualification to work at our clinic where they can extend their knowledge and experience in Sports Orthopaedics and Knee Surgery.

The position is usually twelve months duration and is keenly sought after.

Many current surgeons from many countries have completed the fellowship and are now practicing in Sports Orthopaedics.

Enquiries can be directed to Dr Tim McMeniman.


Current Fellows

Dr John Dabis (England) 

Dr John Roe (Australia)


Previous Fellows

2017 - Dr Ciara Stevenson (Northern Ireland)

2016 - Dr Jason Beer (Australia)

2015 - Dr Jamie Young (England) 

2014 - Dr Jeremy Rushbrook (England)

2013 - Dr Francois Tudor (England; now Australia)

2012 - Dr Nicholas Bottomley (England) 

2011 - Dr Tim McMeniman (Australia)

2010 - Dr John Lloyd, Dr David Duffy (England)

2009 - Dr Mike Risebury (England) 

2008 - Dr Steve McChesney (New Zealand) 

2007 - Dr Martin Logan (England)   

2006 - Dr Andy Stokes (New Zealand)  

2005 - Dr Ben Hewitt (Australia)

2004 - Dr Adrian Wilson (England)

2003 - Dr Neil Hunt (England) 

2002 - Dr James Owen (England) 

2001 - Dr Kevin Boyd (England)

2000 - Dr Sean O'Brien (England) 

1999 - Dr Nick London (England)

1998 - Dr Hugh Fox (England) 

1997 - Dr Stuart Calder (England) 

1996 - Dr Stephen Reed (Canada)

1995 - Dr Andy Williams (England)

1994 - Dr Richard Nicholas (Northern Ireland)

1993 - Dr Richard Dodds (England)

1992 - Dr Jens Bulow (Germany, now Australia)